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This site, like many things in my life, happened while I was doing something else.

Northern was born early in 1999 as an attempt to slow the number of emails I was receiving. At that time the vast majority of companies on the Net did not yet understand the importance of answering email. Since I was listed as the "webmaster" on many types of websites throughout Northern Ontario, I received daily emails from people around the world asking for information on topics as varied as our local weather to where you could buy a tailgate for a '57 Chevy Nomad.

Over time I decided to put a website online as a free business directory to simply list any site I could find from Northern Ontario. The hope was that this new site could serve as a "one stop" website index for Northern Ontario (Google didn't exist then and Yahoo was but a youngster) and, hopefully, slow the number of emails I received from people unable to find the information they were searching for. Then, I could automatically respond to all email inquiries with one simple answer: "visit this page."

The project worked. Sort of.

The directory became surprisingly busy for something with such limited geographic scope, but, the emails came in greater numbers than ever before! After the end of the first year I was forced to remove the site because I could not keep up with the demand for more information and the numbers of people requesting that they be added to the business directory.

Some time later I put Northern online with parts of the old directory and some bits of tourist infomation. Soon people in communities across the North began asking to submit their own bits and pieces. Northern has become a labour of love for a small group of Northerner's and it's had many incarnations since 1999. Writers have come and go, sections have been added and dropped; and much of what's here now is a complete surprise to me.

It's been very much an organic process. Rather like weeds in the garden, it often grows too fast, it's gets downright messy when I'm not diligent, and I rarely know what's coming up. It's main goal these days is apparently to promote Northern Ontario as a wonderful place to live, do business, and to vacation in.

For myself, I am wandering further and further these days. To see what I'm up to visit

-Mona Sims



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