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Financial Highlights of 2005
Courtesy of Alain Aub�, Investors Groups Consultant


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More of your money for you!
That's the big difference between tax preparation and tax planning.

This section is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell investments, nor is it intended to provide professional advice including, without limitation, investment, financial, legal, accounting or tax advice.

Please meet with a consultant of your choice before making financial decisions.

Financial Planning and Advice

Building Your Financial Success With Alain Aub�

Tax planning, estate planning, financial investments, understanding mutual funds, planning for your next vacation, or planning for retirement, this section can help show you the way to financial freedom.

We have received many emails during the last year from people who have thanked us for the information received within the pages of this website. But too often the emails have asked for additional information not at our disposal.

With that in mind we have asked Mr Aub� to support this section with additional information for our visitors as it's needed. He has agreed to speak, free of charge, to anyone calling him for more information on any of these topics or on any other investment or financial matter. Just tell him you found him here.

You may contact Al at ext. 240,  or by

Credit Counseling

If you're already in a financial bind, or need to better understand credit and how it affects your life, this might be the section you want to start with.



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