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Sudbury Elk Restoration


The Sudbury Elk Restoration Committee

Phase 1: Acquire a local elk herd - Completed!
Phase 2: Secure safe habitat and monitoring for a sustainable elk population - In progress!

Securing land and the ongoing monitoring of these animals is of highest priority! We urge you to contact your local and provincial politicians today and let them know that you too are interested in seeing the Burwash elk herd safeguarded for future generations. Help us create a lasting legacy.

We invite you to become a partner in an exciting and noble endeavour. It is our sincere hope that you will claim your place in this history making enterprise. Create a legacy.

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"Presidents... Gandhis... the kind of people who build Great Walls and Pyramids... they aren't just born. They choose actions that inspire others, then they change the world." - Ivan Filion

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