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Major Acid's E-RagMajor Acid's E-Rag

Movies with the Major

By popular demand, probably driven by the multitude of personalities in Major Acid's clearly fractured mind, comes the Major's movie reviews.'s intrepid reporter, Mona Mason, took this opportunity to conduct a rare, if ultimately brief, interview with the Major.

Mona Mason (MM): Why have you turned to writing movie reviews?

Major Acid (MA): My core personality has been overtaken by an alter that favours movies, and until the insurrection is over, more reviews are likely to come. Of course, it may be that even if the alter is finally put under control, it will occasionally escape and produce more movie related drivel. It's the price of a mind that calls itself Legion ....

MM: People have noticed that you have been a bit quiet lately, not writing that much.

MA: Time is a fluid concept, especially when one's medication is being adjusted.

MM: I see. But does that mean you won't be writing that much for any more?

MA: Not at all. I expect I will be stricken with the need to cough up more of the same over the next few months.

MM: More, um, unusual political commentary?

MA: What do you mean unusual? I don't have to sit here, well, you know, in the virtual sense of sitting, and ... er ... in the virtual sense of being here ... I don't have to take insults. I have to go now, but I'm telling you, if I can find my lawyer alter, you'll be hearing from part of me.

On that note, the Major left the building, so to speak, but at least readers can look forward to more writing from the Major in the coming weeks and months.

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