Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario



Northern Stories - Émile Maheu

Pour communiquer avec Émile Maheu :

Mon Oncle Émile,
Box 298
Azilda, Ontario
P0M 1B0

My publications.

1. Sur les rives du Fleuve Saint-Jean, édit. L’Ami du Peuple, Hanmer Ont. 1979 (Sold out)
2. Dans l’Boute du Chicot, édit. L’Ami du Peuple, Hanmer Ont. 1983 (10$)
3. Les Contes d’Émile et une nuit. Édit. Prise de Parole, Sudbury Ont. 1999 (25$, include CD)
4. La fabuleuse histoire de John Cook, Disque compact, Édit. Radio-Canada CBON et Prise de Parole Sudbury Ont.2002 (CD 15$)
4. Contes pour une fin de siècle, Disque Compact Edit. Radio-Canada CBON & Prise de Parole Sudbury Ont. 2001 (CD 10$)
5. Over 200 of my short stories have been published in French Newspapers in Ontario and in Québec since 1978. Le Voyageur in Sudbury has published 160 to date. Complete newspaper copies are stored and preserved to date at *Centre Franco-Ontarien de Folklore*, rue Dollard New Sudbury On.
6. Many TV Documentaires. *Perdu en Ontario* Summer June July and August 2003 on Channel 12, Tuesday at 18:30h. and Saturday at 15:30h.
7. Regular présentations in schools in Ontario, Summer Festivals, Festival Boréal, Canada Day, Heritage Day, Saint-Jean de Baptiste Day June 24

For réservation, the schools must contact my agent:
55 rue Mill,
Case Goods Building, Suite 201
Toronto, On. M5A 3C4

Yours truly,

A-Émile Maheu
280 Ste-Agnès , C”P. 298
Azilda (Sudbury) Ontario.
P0M 1B0

P.S. publications may be ordered at this address.


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