Northern Stories
Name That Tune - Tuesday's Child

Perhaps you've had this experience. You have listened for years to a certain song. You always enjoy it, turning up the volume on the radio when you hear it. It plays randomly now and again and you wonder who sings this song, but you never find out. Catchy tune, you think as you join in on the lyrics of a couple of verses, but somehow the name of the song and its singer eludes you.

Until one day. The connection between artist, song title and song is made. And all of a sudden there's a whole new way of listening to this melody. And you think, how is it I've been listening to this song all this time and I never made the connection?

Being Pagan is for me like finally finding a name for that song.

I have only recently discovered that Pagan is the name of a path I have been travelling all of my life. I can't remember ever thinking any other way. As a young girl I fantasized about all things magic. I spent hours in the woods even though I was told I shouldn't, that it might be unsafe. I knew that it wasn't. I felt safer there than anywhere else and I still do. I have long felt a special kinship to animals, especially to dogs, a connection which has at times raised eyebrows among my non-craft friends and family. Most importantly, I have long embraced a cyclical time frame for life's events, a belief which has sustained me through excrutiatingly difficult losses in my life. I grieve my losses but at the same time I marvel at them. Knowing as I grieve that death is but a passage in the cycle of life. Not a goodbye but a farewell until we meet our loved ones again sometime when our journey brings us to the same place. This connection has brought me such a feeling of peace and joy. I am elated to finally have a title for this groovy tune I've been humming all of my life.

So now I will listen closer to the lyrics, especially since I now know who has written them. And I will forever be listening for more songs by the same artist