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These are here because my team and I love these places and want to show our thanks to them offering food and experiences that are a high level above, and different from, the too many clone restaurants out there.

We insist upon

  • great food
  • good service
  • good prices
  • a pleasant experience
  • something "special"

These places deliver on all counts!

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The Best Places to Eat in Sudbury Ontario

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  • Respect is Burning
    (Italian food, reservations recommended, it's always busy)
    Located in downtown Sudbury near the TD bank.

    It's Official: Respect is this webmasters all time favorite place to eat in Northern Ontario. Ever.

    Each dish is made from scratch as you order it. Substitutions never cause a ruffle, vegetarians can order anything on the menu as they like it created for them. The owner, and head chef, comes from a successful family background of running restaurants and it shows. This food is nothing short of amazing! Salads you will long for later and deserts that you will not forget soon, everything in the middle is pretty luscious too.

    I must recommend the Chef's Tuscan Feast. (although I am not sure that is what it is actually called.) Call ahead and make arrangements for this one. Your server and/or chef will chat with you and your guests when you arrive to feel out your tastes and dislikes. What will follow will be a "three course" meal created on the fly especially for you and your party. My last feast there started with The most delicious platter of salad I have ever enjoyed. Fruit, pine nuts, sweet tangy homemade dressing to die for, heaped to the full meal status for the 4 of us. Course one also included delicious true Italian homemade pizzas created for us. We were filled nicely by the end of what we thought was course one and two. We were wrong. Course two followed in the guise of a monstrous platter of the most rich and mouthwatering risotto I've ever experienced. I have tried endless recipes since then and nothing has come close. We were most certain we could not finish so much food, but found it was so delicious we could not stop either and we cleaned the platter to our total surprise. Course three included two meat dishes: a roast beef cooked to perfection in a wine reduction sauce, and a tender concoction of two other meats wrapped and flavored and awe inspiring, and a large selection of roasted and herbed vegetables and potatoes. The vegetarians with us enjoyed a huge vegetable Parmesan in place of the meat dishes and their own browned and glazed potatoes and vegetables. And lets not forget the variety of fresh hot home made breads to keep our strength up between courses.

    My desert that evening was a homemade warm rich chocolate cake thing with mousse and sauce that I have had regular cravings for ever since.

    This feast is not a meal, it's an evening's grand entertainment. It will open your life to new tastes and textures and sensations of the most pleasurable variety.

    What's not to love?
  • The Cafe Mexicana
    (Mexican food and cozy Mexican ambiance)
    Located in downtown Sudbury Ontario, right beside the Market Square, with a second branch on LaSalle.
    The food is authentic Mexican, the owners are from Mexico, authenticity is easy. Spiciness is only added if you request it, and the food is cooked with obvious care and pride. It's delicious, abundant, and the service is friendly and good. The Aztec cookies are to die for, order them early, they sell out too fast.
  • Ripe
    (Italian foods, simple quiet atmosphere)
    Located in the south end of Regent Street near the McDonalds.
    Authentic Italian food, recipes that will leave you weak with desire wanting more, long after you're too full to eat any more. Amazing pizza! Desserts are rich and homemade, the owner is an experience pastry chef, and one of the other chefs is too! Nice combination for dessert lovers. Wonderful staff and service.
  • Little India
    (Indian foods, no special atmosphere)
    Located on Notre Dame in Sudbury. (recently moved)
    This place has some of the best India food I've had in years. Don't bother even trying to decide what to order, you must simply return until you've worked your way through the menu. It's all too good to miss.
  • Ristorante Verdicchio
    Located off Kelly Lake Road in the West End Business Park.
    If you ever want to feel like a pampered star, this is the place to go. The service here cannot be improved upon. Great food, wonderful ambiance, Italian wines, world class service, and they even sell their own olive oil! What's not to savour?
  • Sudbury Sapporo Icibang
    (Japanese foods, small and cozy)
    Located in downtown Sudbury on Cedar Street.
    A small, cozy, Japanese restaurant. The service is fine, the food is outstanding! Sushi, tempura, teriyaki, they have it all, and it's all awesome.
  • Korean Cafe
    (Korean foods, no particular decor, with a small shopping area adjacent)
    Located on LaSalle.
    Another small place, we seem to like those, with great food, friendly and informative service. The sushi here is excellent. And when you're done eating, you'll want to shop for imported foods, or gifts, to expand your menus at home too.
  • The Moose Lodge
    (For breakfast only, and only on Sunday mornings)
    Located on Frood Road in Sudbury
    We had to add this one! Not a restaurant at all, but the best breakfast value in the area. We like auctions and discovered breakfast here after attending auctions at the hall above on Sundays. $4.00 will get you a full breakfast, including juice and all the coffee you can drink (good coffee!). $6.95 will get you a full breakfast buffet! We call eating here a "home style" experience. You may find yourself sitting at a large table with many strangers. I can guarantee they will all be friendly and fun to eat breakfast with, and you'll leave with new friends. Run by volunteers, their Sunday breakfasts are fund raisers, and the proceeds go to support underprivileged children. Perfect!




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