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Eating Grass - by Ruff Spot Grooming

Have you ever caught your dog eating grass?

This is a common behavior that confuses most pet owners. There are several theories about why dogs eat grass:

IT'S A NORMAL PART OF A CANINE DIET. Wild canines eat the grasses that are in the intestines of their prey, so it's not unusual or unhealthy for a dog to ingest grass. Most dog foods also have pretty sizable amounts of vegetable protein.

THEY EAT IT TO SETTLE THEIR STOMACHS. Nobody really knows for sure if dogs eat grass to settle their stomachs or induce vomiting. Be aware, however, that some grasses (particularly suburban grass lawns) are often treated with potentially toxic pesticides and fertilizers that your dog might ingest along with the grass, and these might induce vomiting.

THEY MAY LIKE TO EAT IT. Some dogs may like to eat grasses and plants -- and whatever grows on them. You may find your dog acting as a vegetable connoisseur by eating the grasses, vegetables and fruits in your garden simply because she likes the taste.

It's hard to stop your dog from eating grass unless you watch him when he's outside or prevent him from going outside. Some dog's grass-eating habits have been known to decrease if fed fresh vegetables. However, always consult your vet before altering or supplementing your dog's diet. If your dog eats grass excessively and then vomits, she might be suffering from a gastrointestinal problem such as gastritis or inflammatory bowl disease. If you suspect this, make a veterinary appointment right away to obtain a diagnosis.

Don't be alarmed by a little grass munching. It's a common canine behavior. If your dog exhibits other signs of continual intestinal upset, however, talk to your vet.

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