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Light and Love with Lilo Garich 
The Diary of a Journey

LILO (Light & Love) GARICH

Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Channel

Lilo Garich - North Bay OntarioWhen sharing her experiences and knowledge, Lilo is an inspiring speaker.

Her abilities as an Energy Healer range from Laying on of Hands, to releasing old patterns and blockages, shifting energies, and balancing and restoring frequencies to their optimum vibrations. Her abilities include the energy cleansing and balancing of living spaces, houses and properties as well as the earth. She has helped many souls (lost and otherwise) to finally make their transition in peace.

Many years dedicated to her own spiritual journey form the basis of her ability to channel the energies of Ascended Masters both in the form of healing energies as well as messages.

Lilo shares her abilities and knowledge with as many people as possible, through Speaking Engagements as well as Healing Sessions (group or private) and Seminars. She travels extensively both at home as well as overseas. Her energies often act as a catalyst for those around her; spending time in her presence can therefore make a real difference in your life.

Lilo’s Passion Statement:

“My Passion is to be a Guiding Light to Self-Empowerment. The information I am sharing with you comes from many different sources, all of which have come to my attention at some time or other and have been stored away. Some of it comes from my own inner knowing. Essentially I am a messenger, relaying information to whomever is ready to receive it. So just accept what feels right for you, and leave the rest.

And if it feels right, as you are reading, declare your willingness to connect to the energies contained in the writing, as it is in your best interest. They will act as a catalyst for your own journey.

In Light and Love,


About Pets

As the owner/operator of Countryside Animal Inn, a unique Pet Hotel, for 15 years, I have gained invaluable experience with animals.

“Animals are and always have been very important to me and I have always had a special connection to them, which has been enhanced by taking courses in Animal Communication as well as many seminars geared specifically towards the healing of animals.”

I have become aware of a very important link. Our pets are definitely helping us on this journey. And they are doing so in many different ways.

Unfortunately, what is very obvious to some is a total mystery to others. Thus the efforts of our trusted companions are often not recognized or misinterpreted, sometimes resulting in illness and even the death of our trusted friends and helpers."

Lilo also writes in our Pet section
where she shares some of her experiences with animals.

For information or comments, or to arrange for engagements

Lilo can be reached
In North Bay, Ontario
At (705) 476-0872 or

She is also available for private sessions in Sudbury and Manitoulin Island.

Lilo also speaks at various Gatherings in North Bay and Sudbury. There is a suggested donation fee of $20.00.




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