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Baladi Belly Dance, Roma Gypsy Dance, and Tribal Dance in the Greater Sudbury, Ontario

M's Joy of Dance
Belly Dance Studio in Greater Sudbury Ontario

After 5 years as a professional belly dancer Murielle Jaques was asked to be the instructor of choice at a Sudbury Ontario public organization. With the encouragment of her teacher, Lucie De La Fontaine of the National Baladi School, and the repeated requests of fans who wanted to have Murielle as their belly dance instructor, she struck out on her own and M's Joy of Dance was born.

Today Murielle struggles to keep up with the ever growing demand for her lively belly dance classes. Her classes are informative... and fun. She teaches with a fine balance between precise technical detail and a willingness to allow students to expand and grow into areas of their own chosing. She offers a relaxed and happy atmosphere and encourages her students to find their own styles and passions.

Murielle teaches classic Middle Eastern Style (Raks Sharki - Baladi) belly dance, and sometimes, her first love Tribal Fusion belly dance. She runs workshops in Roma / Gypsy style dance, make up artistry, and costume creation. Murielle also offers private classes in her personal studio.

You'll find Murielle participating in many charity and fund raising events across Northern Ontario, and often, helping her students in special unasked-for ways to futher their own love of dance.

This section was created by a grateful student for a much loved teacher. Thank you Murielle!

Visit her website M’s Joy of Dance to learn more.

Murielle Jacques, Belly Dance Instructor, Sudbury Ontario

Murielle Jacques (at left) and a happy student.



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