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Baladi Belly Dance and Roma Gypsy Dance in the Greater Sudbury, Ontario

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Our thanks to all the students of M's Joy of Dance and the Baladi National Baladi Dance Studio for providing us with so much beauty!


Gypsy dancers in Sudbury Ontario

Gypsy dancers in Sudbury Ontario
Sudbury Ontario belly dance instructors Anne Boucher (third from right) and Murielle Jacques (second from right)

Belly dance instructor Anne Boucher and Helene

Anne Boucher, belly dance instructor, and Helene - Sudbury Ontario

Gypsy Dancers in Sudbury Ontario


Belly Dancers in Sudbury Ontario

Murielle Jacques (far right) when she was still dancing in Lucie De La Fontaine's troup. (Lucie is fifth from the left)

Julie, one of Sudbury, and now Toronto's, finest belly dancers!

Me. :D

When you're as good as Julie, you get to pretend you're not.





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