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We Shot Andy Warhol

The Sudbury Arts Council office recently held an art show opening entitled We Shot Andy Warhol. The exhibit consists of the various works of five tario women in a wide range of mediums, including photography, drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

These five women seem to have quite the following. The Sudbury Arts Council office was packed to overflowing. And all seemed to be having a very good time, many stayed for the evening. Music and free refreshments were on hand. It was a very pleasant event.


The Artists were...

Julie Glaude

Julie Glaude creates her art with the same free spirit she approaches all aspects of her life. Photography is her first passion, and she says she's inspired by Karsh and his painting with light. She also enjoys painting with watercolor and acrylic, printmaking, sculpting and creating montages and collages. Julie wishes to further her education, focusing on photography. Learn more about Julie on this site.


A. J. Courchesne

AJ hails from a rural area in Northern Ontario and moved to Sudbury during the 90's. She has always had a passion for fine arts and currently pursues that love in the Fine Arts and Crafts program at Cambrian College, where she studies sculpting, weaving, and printmaking. Two of her pieces have been shown at the Art Gallery of Sudbury, The Big Nickel at Science North and Minnow Lake Millennium Fountain.


Leah Duguary

Leah's art reflects her interest in the exploration of colour and texture. Acrylic painting, sculpting, and printmaking are her mediums of choice. She also enjoys creating original designs in clothing and costumes, and likes belly dancing. After graduation, Leah plans on furthering her schooling in Fashion Design. She says she will take all that she has learned in the Fine Arts program and apply it to the fashion world.


Angelle Taillefer

Angelle says of herself, "I'm one of the darkest people you'll ever meet", perhaps in regard to the live action role playing game Amtgard that she plays. She says that "Art is a powerful tool in the world, you can say many things with a painting or nothing at all, but it will attract and get people's attention." Her favorite mediums are oil paints, acrylics, watercolour, charcoal, and pencil. She says she gets many ideas for her work in her dreams.


Joyce Latham

Joyce believes the word "artist" could be used as a verb. Being an artist is a lifestyle. An accumulation of life long learning and personal growth, combined with the addition of a formal art education at a post secondary level, perhaps explains why a large percentage of her art work is biographical. Creating art brings her complete personal fulfillment. Her excitement to "make something" can be found in her mixed media, found objects, and sculpture. Portraits in watercolour and acrylics seem to be reoccurring theme. She has participated in several local fundraising events for the GNO and her paper mache "Norman" was accepted in the juried 2003 La Cloche Art Show in Whitefish Falls.







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