Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


Photo at right, Brian Orser with Megan Demlow, one of Northern's own supporters.




Photo of Brian Orser with Challen LeClair of the Espanola Skating Club.








Brian Orser lending a helping hand to Joeleen Gauthier of the Sudbury Skating Club.





Brian Orser sharing a little trick to find the correct position for a particular movement.






Brian waving to someone's Grandma!







Brian Orser and Meg once more.



Figure Skating in Northern Ontario

Brian Orser gave a seminar at the Sudbury Skating Club

Figure skating legend Brian Orser visited Sudbury to host a skating seminar at the Sudbury Skating Club. The living legend spent two days working with the skaters of the Sudbury Skating Club and other skaters from northern Ontario.

Brian has known Sudbury Skating Club coach Wendy Philion for a "long, long time." He says that Wendy has always had a "great rapport" with the coaches at Mariposa, so when Wendy called and asked him to come north to do a seminar he was happy to come.

Forty three year old Brian Orser has long been a beloved member of the figure skating world and one of the most popular figure skaters ever.

During his amateur career he won a World Championship, two Olympic silver medals and a record eight National Senior championships.


At the 1988 Olympic games in Calgary, Alberta, his accomplishments led him to be selected as the flag-bearer for the Canadian delegation during the opening ceremonies.

Today he tours the world, dazzling people with his outstanding skill.

We found it interesting to note that when Brian Orser was here he had the following to say about the new figure skating judging system...

�The new judging system is great for skating, great for better skaters, skaters like the Jeffrey Buttles of the world who will fare very very well under the new system.�

He felt it will likely bring figure skating up to a new level. �It allows a skater like Jeffrey, who may not be able to do all the quads and big tricks but brings a fantastic skating quality, a versatility and expressiveness, to be very successful.�

After Jeff's winning of the Canadian Nationals this year, Coach Joanne McLeod (Sandhu's coach) said "Credit Jeff. He made the most of the new judging system. He's a skater who is meant for it.''

Jeff has this to say, "I'm not sure the system fits me so much as I fit the system they just hadn't developed yet."



"It's not who does the most tricks, but the total package. "- Brian Orser



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