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Figure Skating in Northern Ontario

Espanola Skating Club Carnival 2005, Gotta Dance

Danielle, and Danielle, and Challen, and Tegwyn, and Krista, and Larissa, and...

I recently spent an exciting weekend in the Espanola Ontario area attending various events connected to the Espanola Skating Club's annual skating carnival. Meagan Duhamel and Ryan Arnold were on hand as guest skaters and impressed us all with their prodigious talent, and rightly so. (You can find more about them elsewhere in this site.)

The local skaters looked wonderful displaying their growing ability on the ice. One skater, who's name I regrettably did not get, was in the lead of a young group of tiny stars to be. Her care of her sometimes lagging, and falling, and getting lost on the big ol' ice, little charges, at the expense of her own chance of shinning in the spotlight, made her the outstanding hero of the afternoon. Good on you girl!

Young Krista Jones performed her first solo act at a carnival, and did so with calm and proficient dignity. It was a lovely introduction to his talented girl.

Soloist Danielle Shank caught the attention of the crowd, as always, with her dark mysterious beauty and routine packed with jumps. It is my hope to highlight the lovely Danielle in the pages of this website soon. I'm trying to talk her into posing for a photo shoot with my team, we'll keep you posted.

Another solo Danielle, this time Turpin, was the highlight of the afternoon by the time of her skate, with a wonderful interpretive program that showed off her growing talent and artistic ability. Nice job Danielle! Beautifully done.

I must commend the golden Tegwyn and fairy-like Larissa on their routines. Lovely! And must also mention Challen, Joel, Paige, Lyndsay, Taylor, and Shauna, for shinning brightly in their turn. Each of you is showing, and showing off!, the beautiful benefits reaped from your long hours of practice.

It is my sincere hope that all of you, including all the young skaters whose names I don't have, finished the day feeling a sense of well deserved pride and accomplishment from sharing your art with others. I want you to know we appreciate it!

And now... I must talk about something that surprised me over the weekend, and that was the performance of Rachel LeClair....


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