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The Ashley Waite Award given out by the Sudbury Skating Club

Congratulations Mathew Penasse!

The first winner of the Ashley Waite Award was Mathew Penasse of the Sudbury Skating Club.

The Award is given to the skater who provided the best ever all out performance in any category at Let�s Skate (see below).  The Award is in memory of a young skater who tragically lost her life not so long ago. It is meant to be a a tribute to Ashley�s great spirit, smile and her unforgettable personality.

Her parents were on hand to present the Award. The courage Ashley undoubtedly inherited from them was present and noticeable. We want to thank them for finding the "stuff" to become such an inspiring part of this event.

Mathew's performance obviously showed the judges his talent and determination to go far in the world of Canadian figure skating. As a lay person trying to sum up his performance the words power, grace and really big jumps! pop readily to mind. Thank you Mathew for a delightful display of skating talent.

The Ashley Waite Award

The Sudbury Skating Club is introducing a very special award this year. Ashley Waite started skating at age 4 in the Canskate program at the Valley East Skating Club. Her first coach was Kay McIvor and she took Ashley to her first competition in 1993. She placed first in the �Ankle Biters� category at the Sudbury Interclub competition. This was Ashley�s introduction to our great sport. She skated for the Valley East Club for several years. She attended local area events and progressed through the system. In 1997 Ashley joined the Sudbury Skating Club and her success provided her with opportunities as a competitive skater. She represented our club well at all of the events she attended. Ashley formed a special bond with her coaches and her skating friends.

Ashley had many adventures as a skater. During the summer of 1997, she skated in Montreal working with Paul Wirtz. She made the Northern Ontario Development Team. She placed first at The Northern Ontario Interclub and through the Interclub route qualified for the All-Ontario Event. The following summers she trained in Kitchener with Bob MacKowski. She returned home passing her competitive tests and qualified at Sectionals to represent Northern Ontario and the Sudbury Skating Club at Divisionals. Garth Devon, Wendy Philion and Heather Basso all enjoyed working with Ashley.

In 2001 at the age of 14, she ended the summer season with a third place finish in Novice ladies at Thornhill. With her family moving to Barrie, Ashley decided to take a break from skating. Most important to Ashley were the friends she made along the way as well as the practical jokes that she would torment those around her with to add a little excitement to her day! In 2003 Ashley was tragically taken away from us.

As a tribute to Ashley�s great spirit, smile and her unforgettable personality, the Sudbury Skating Club is proud to honor her memory every year at �Let�s Skate�. This year marks the first annual presentation of the �Ashley Waite Award�. It will be presented to a skater who provides us with an all out best ever performance in any category at Let�s Skate. The winner will be selected by the judges.

Ashley will be remembered forever by all her friends in skating and every one of us at the Sudbury Skating Club.


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