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Doug Leigh
Skate Canada Hall of Fame inductee

Doug has been a 7 time recipient of the Longines Coaching Award, the Government of Ontario World Achievement Award, the Ontario Coach of the Year and the Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

After winning the junior silver medal at Canadians in 1966, Doug Leigh hung up his skates "momentarily" and then returned to the ice as a coach.

His coaching success is driven with the motto, "It CAN be done". His positive outlook, no-nonsense goal setting approach and analytical ability are legendary.

A great motivator, Doug demands 100 per cent effort from his skaters every minute on the ice. For 17 years Doug coached Brian Orser during which time he was Canadian Champion from 1981 - 1988; 1984 and 1988 Olympic silver medalist, and 1987 World Champion.

He presently coaches Elvis Stojko, three time Canadian and World Champion and 1994 Olympic silver medalist.

Doug has also coached 26 other Canadian Champions, including Jennifer Robinson and 14 International Champions, including Britain's Steven Cousins.

Founder, owner and head coach of the Mariposa School of Skating, a CFSA designated national training centre which emphasizes a team approach in coaching and a co-op education program, Doug's legacy includes establishing Barrie as one of the major skating centres in the country and the world.


Figure Skating in Northern Ontario

Training with Doug Leigh

Doug Leigh, International Figure Skating Coach, gave classes at the Sudbury Skating Club recently. The classes were kept small, only 2-5 students at a time. He used practical demonstrations and video tapes to help explain and show what he was trying to instill in the children.

His attention to the very smallest detail attests to his skill and well earned reputation as one of the world's best coaches. Be it discussing a jump one video frame at a time, placing a child's chin just so, insisting they use more positive, dynamic and ultimately more empowering words to explain an event (and thereby change their thinking about that event), or asking question after question to make sure they understand everything well enough to explain it themselves...he misses nothing. Everything he does is with seeming complete conviction that each child has everything it takes inside of themselves to do what needs doing. As a result he was firm and demanding of them but in a refreshingly kind and positive way. I was impressed with this man on a lot of levels.

Watching Doug made me wish he was a life coach as well as a figure skating coach! As parents, managers and supervisors, bosses or community leaders, we could all learn a great deal from his methods.

Doug Leigh and Rachel


Doug Leigh and Erika


Brittany and Rachel in rapt attention


Private time with Challen and Krissy


Doug Leigh - No detail is too small


Erika, Krissy, Brittany, Rachel and Challen landing those jumps!


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