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It Strikes Me.....
Social commentary with no quarter given

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Movie reviews from the Major's point of view

What Else Is There?  Magazine reviews of the unusual and interesting

From The Kingdom
Saudi Arabia, Early in 2000

After Nine Eleven

Of Historical Interest



Major Acid's E-RagMajor Acid's E-Rag

From the pine green hills of the Canadian Shield, across the sun dried sands of Saudi Arabia, and by way of Old World Austrian splendor comes Major Acid!

Major Acid reviews movies and unusual magazines, comments on issues with no quarter given, shows us the realties of modern day Saudi Arabia, and shares with us his unique perspective about The Day, September 11, 2001.

Major Acid's Bio 

You might reasonably have guessed that Major Acid is not a �real� name. Well, true. After all, how many people do you know with the surname Acid?

As for the person behind the name � he/she/it has led a chequered life or, as the less charitable would have it, a spectacularly unsuccessful life. This assessment is debatable on many levels but not, sadly, on the level of �he who dies with the most toys wins.�

The Major has been variously a teacher, a salesperson, a truck driver, an ex-pat in an alien land, a freelance writer (and occasional broadcaster), a spouse (temporary), a pop culture commentator, a student of Peace and Conflict (a variant of International Relations) and mediation, and the author of everything you find in Major Acid�s Magazine.

A Commercial Note: Major Acid is available for independent mediation, rates negotiable. Contact the Major via e-mail at (naturally) with your mediation/dispute resolution queries.

A Second Commercial Note: Major Acid�s writings, at least those that appear on this site, are accessible free of charge, but the Major is always happy to sell reprint rights or to entertain syndication offers. Contact the Major through the same e-mail as listed above.

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