Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


Photography with Bohdan Tkaczyk

Photography with Bohdan Tkaczyk

Bohdan Tkaczyk, Bob, is a man that I met online.

He is a man that his wife says "has the soul of an artist." I agree. Every time I find myself looking at his work I start wondering if maybe north of Superior is just where I should be living. Can it really be so wonderful?

His work captures the beauty of Northern Ontario and something of his love for it.  I am so very happy to have him as a part of this site. I am sure that on that, you too will agree.

Click on any photo to see it's enlargement.

Autumn comes to Ouimet Canyon Blue Jay
Nipigon River Nipigon River
Misty Sunrise,
Thunder Bay area
Foggy Shroud,
North of Superior
The Sleeping Giant,
near Thunder Bay

Forgotten Trawler
The Strength of Lake Superior Train through Neys
Charge at Fort William Aerial View of Fort William, Ontario


More Fort William Autumn splendor on Thanksgiving Day, North of Superior
Awaiting her Captain


Gold and Glory,
North of Superior



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