Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


These recommendations have NOT come about because

  • someone has paid for them
  • because these places are the biggest, most expensive, "fanciest", or best advertised
  • they have "important" connections and it will benefit me to have them shown here

These recommendations HAVE come about because

  • the people running them treat their fellow man in a way somehow above the day to day I experience elsewhere
  • the people running them show a generosity of spirit and concern for others that should always be praised and rewarded
  • the people running them have taken care of me, treated my time with them as important, and have made me feel special for having been there
  • and of course, because their business has offered an experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

And mostly these recommendations have come about because each of these people have become, through the qualities they've shown to me, valued friends.



Out and About
Businesses That Deserve Shameless Promotion

These are companies I have first visited as a client or customer and over time have made important friendships with the people who run them.

Sunset Motel and Cottages
Little Current, Ontario

Noelville Tent and Trailer Park
Noelville, Ontario




Zig's Bar












These are Not paid advertisements.







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