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Spanish Joe - Psychic Groundhog Extraordinaire

Spanish Joe

The World's Only Psychic Groundhog!

Spanish Joe often finds himself "In the News".

Below are a few excerpts from various newspaper articles written about this remarkable rodent.....

"Puxatawny Phil and the late Wiarton Willie have nothing on Spanish Joe. Not only does groundhog Spanish Joe know whether or not we are going to have an early spring, he can also see into the future. Spanish Joe gives clairvoyant messages from the spirit world through his medium, Rick Story of Spanish......

Story adds that Spanish Joe now has a grudge against the entire Green Peace organization. "It left him with a bad taste in his mouth, as well as tire tracks on his forehead," he says.

In spite of his feelings about Green Peace, Story says Spanish Joe does not hate all environmentalists. In fact, he says he actually likes the Friends of Spanish River. "He has no problems with people that want to hug the river," he says."

"Story goes on to say that Spanish Joe has foreseen incredible changes in the coming year. "MNR Biologists will cross the African Roach Tree with the Australian Doobie Tree to produce a new species called the Canadian Bong Tree. The MCBO (Marijuana Control Board of Ontario) will be the only ones in Canada allowed to grow the Bong Tree. This tree will become the foundation for a new kind of "specialty rolling paper" with Domtar receiving a huge multi-million dollar contract to be the sole supplier for this paper."

Domtar will be in the news again in the fall of 2003, when Joe says, "Domtar biologists will genetically engineer trees that grow square to make loading onto logging trucks easier and more economical."

Spanish Joe predicts that "as a joke, someone will list the Town of Espanola on eBay for auction and it will end up being purchased by Iraq for $3,000,000.00. A class action will be filed in the international courts and the ruling will be a joint custody. An Iraqi spokesperson will be heard saying, "now that we have ties to Canada the Americans won't attack, eh?"

Excerpts from The Mid-North Monitor

Read more at Spanish Joes Personal Web Site


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