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Remembering Lady

Lady is calling me. It is around 7 p.m., December 10,1998. Lady, my dear Teacher and Mentor is comfortably ensconced on her blanket upstairs, while I am working in my basement office. There is no physical sound, yet I hear her peculiar bark as clearly as if she were right beside me. Her dear little dog features appear before my inner eye. She is beaming. I see her; feel her almost like a very bright light.

I know what she is telling me. It is time to part from this trusted friend. I feel incredibly sad, scared, afraid, and yet strangely at peace. How will I carry on my spiritual journey without her guidance?

�You are always making things difficult and are very good at doubting yourself. Something you definitely will want to change. To �JUST BE� is very easy, once you get through that wall you put around everything. GO WITH THE FLOW. Just follow the brightly lit stairs to where they will lead you. Trust. You know I will always be with you, as will all your other teachers. This is not an end, it is a NEW BEGINNING.�

I climb the stairs and make my way to her side, holding her dear little physical body and we silently share the experience of her transition, as her breathing slows and quietly stops. I continue to sit with her, reviewing the last years we have spent together.

�It�s time to move on, Time is of the essence. Dillydallying is now a luxury that no one can afford any longer."

My mind goes to all the unrests and wars going on. �Not your problem, at least not directly. Your work is in the more subtle zones�.

So what do I do?

�Always the impatient and direct way. (Sigh!!) Go back to the stairs, continue to descend. You come out on a beach, nice and sandy. With the Ocean gently lapping at your feet. Feel the spirituality represented by the water. Draw from this pool of energy until your light appears very bright. This is part of your Job. Come here every day, take in the Light and then go out and carry it into the World, JUST BE, BE THE LIGHT�.

I continue to hold her, to cuddle her frail little body; my tears running gently down my cheeks. Freddy and Ginger, our two little Pomeranians are sitting strategically positioned around us, like guards. They tell me they are the appointed guardians to help her go. Everyone else�s job is to stay out of the way, so she won�t be disturbed, so that it will go smoothly. They are supporting more than protecting her, showing their love for her.

Buffy, Lady�s �sister� who has shared most of her life with her, is quietly sleeping on the Couch, seemingly unaware

�I feel very happy that I have done my job and that you have gotten so far. There is still a long path ahead of you, but you�ll always have company � look around and I�ll be there, no longer held back by this old body�

Tears once again are running down my cheeks, more than 6 years later. Happily they are no longer tears of sadness and pain. They are tears expressing Love, Happiness for having been blessed with such a wise mentor in my life, tears of Gratitude to her as well as all my other guides, who with unlimited love and patience have and continue to provide their guidance on my spiritual journey.

Lady was right, there was and probably continues to be a long path ahead of me. She also was right that I always have her company. She has stepped into the background, making way to other guides. But she is always there when I call her.

And she continues to be proud of me. I have not always followed the direct route down the stairs, choosing instead to make detours, learning lessons along the way.

Please come with me in future stories as I recall some of the moments Lady and I shared on that portion of my path we travelled together.

Lilo Garich




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