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Lady - My Teacher

Lady and Buffy came to live with us when they were about 12years old. They were very happy little dogs and enjoyed live immensely.

At the time my communications with Lady began, she was already about 15years old.

It all started in December of 1997. I was in the throes of change. I had finally decided to trust in my healing and coaching abilities and had embarked on a new career. At the same time we were still operating our Pet Hotel. Along with the pressures this situation was bringing with it, I was in a lot of inner turmoil trying to find answers to all those seemingly unanswerable questions that were constantly churning through my mind.

Lady�s signal that she had something to say was to sit beside me, steadily looking at me with her big brown eyes, not even batting an eyelid until I acknowledged her.

Reviewing now some of what she conveyed to me, I am amazed how little of her wisdom I understood at the time. I was so caught up in everyday life that I often missed the real messages she so lovingly gave. As I share some of her communications with you, I encourage you to open your heart to absorb the wisdom of her teachings.

Whenever time allowed, I would do energy healing sessions with the animals and one day, when working with Lady, I noticed that something was wrong with her jaw. The bottom of her jaw felt swollen and hard.

�The bottom of my chin feels hot. If you could get rid of the heat, it would feel better and would help all that area relax- my muscles are sore from stiffening up�

I tried, but things did not improve and I took her to the Vet in January of 1998. The diagnosis was cancer of the lower jaw. The prediction was that she would be dead within 3 weeks, since this type of cancer was known to grow very fast. The location of it meant that within days she would not be able to eat or drink and would be in a lot of pain.

We declined the suggestion to put her down immediately. I felt very strongly that I wanted to ask Lady what it is she wanted me to do and I turned for help to my friend Francie, a very capable animal communicator. Little did I know that this was the beginning of an intense teaching period for me�� and my teacher was Lady.

Francie connected with her that evening and asked her

(Q) Are you ready to leave�.. give up your body?

�No, it�s a difficult body, but I can get by that and enjoy life. I don�t think Lilo can really improve things much at this point, but if she can keep me comfortable, I�ll be very happy to stick around for awhile.�

When asked what she wanted me to do, Lady replied: �Just keep giving me energy.�

So I did. I spent as much time as possible giving her energy, almost willing that tumour to disappear. Alas, it slowly kept growing. By the time May rolled around, it had formed into a ball, and it became more difficult for her to take in any food. It was impossible for her to chew or eat anything hard now no more cookies and treats, so I nourished her with home cooked food.

May 1998
(Q) How are you?
�About the same. It�s a bit of a struggle, but easy for me to deal with most of the time. I am strong. There are more important things going on which I am focusing on�

(Q) Are you on your way out? Getting worse?
� No. It�s growing very slowly at the moment. It�s supposed to go that way. It would be a waste of time trying to fight it � it will make little difference, only slow it down imperceptibly.�

There are things to be learned in accepting the way things are and working with them, not against them.

(Q) Do you want Lilo to continue working with you and to fight the cancer?

�She can keep on working with me. The cancer does not matter. The work would be to keep me functioning. I would like her support until the end�
�Whatever she can do is fine. She is able to do a lot in a short time now, so even a few minutes would help and be appreciated�.

(Q) You are not worried about your body, are you?
�No, it has served its purpose and done its job well.

I wished I could say that I was able to follow her teachings at that time. Instead, I kept focusing on the tumor as the problem, not really seeing the deeper meaning in what she was saying.

It was sometime in June and I was busy when Lady�s steady gaze once again told me she had a message for me, I even thought I had an idea what it was. I felt she was telling me to stop what I was doing and to give her a session NOW and she was very insistent. But I was far from being able to trust myself, so I asked Francie for help and Lady replied

�She�s supposed to have faith in herself�.

(Q) Why do you want Lilo to work on you NOW?
�Why � always a big question. She should just accept what comes and not question it. Her head always gets in the way. She should ignore the tumor, like I try to do. It�s not a part of the REAL me; Lilo is helping the REAL me.
I feel full of joy, watching her go on. I do not want to leave yet � I want to be a part of it. She is at such an important stage, and I want to be with her as she goes through it, and help if I can. I am trying to keep her busy, distracted, and focused on helping ME, so she won�t worry about the tumor.�

She�s certainly keeping me stable and comfortable. This tumor �..It is in the way, and I am not sure what to do with it.

It has taken me till now to realize what she meant with that last sentence. The tumor was in the way, but not physically, it was in my thoughts. I was totally concentrating on it, not realizing that she was teaching me to look beyond it to what really matters.

July 1998.
(Q) Is Lilo where she is supposed to be on her path?
�We are always where we are supposed to be. All directions contain learning. All directions contain healing. She keeps on learning, no matter where she goes, although she can make it difficult or simple.�

(Q) How can she make it simple? �She makes it simple by following her heart.�

(Q) That�s difficult. Can�t it be easy?
�It can be made easy if you are accepting and trusting that whatever happens is supposed to happen.
She just has to be honest and loving. The rest WILL follow.�
�With regard to her healing abilities, she is right on schedule and should be pleased with her progress.

(Q) Is she meant to work mainly with humans or animals? �Both�

(Q) Where should her priorities be? �On herself, and then on anyone who asks for help�

I continued to struggle, constantly doubting myself, wondering whether I was doing the right thing, questioning every decision I made. All the while Lady was there beside me, supporting me, but also adding to my burden. Yes, I wanted her to stay, but I also did not want her to suffer. So far, despite the fact that she appeared to be carrying a permanent tennis ball around, and needed help with eating, she appeared to be totally pain free.

By the time August came around, she was growing frail, and other minor health problems were starting to appear.

(Q) Are you okay?
I am the way I am meant to be.

(Q) Are you fading away, getting ready to leave?
No � it�s just part of a series. I first gather strength so that I can go through these learning stages more easily. Everything is fine, under control. I want her (Lilo) to focus VERY strongly on me, so I grab her attention, so that she can�t help it�

(Q) What is the purpose, what is Lilo meant to realize next?
�Get herself out of the way; become an empty vessel. Her total focus is to be in one direction, but with herself, her mind, out of it�

(Q) How is she not doing that now?
�Thoughts�.. asking too many questions. Thinking instead of listening.�

(Q) But she is already trying to do that.
�But she has to do it more constantly. She has to somehow clear the slate of all of the options so that new directions can come in. That is, focus on me, not the tools available�
She has to empty her head. The focus comes at the same time as the empty vessel. So that the connection is stronger in both directions�

(Q) Lilo says she has an idea of the missing step � I don�t know if it is the same as this.
(I had told Francie I had an idea about what Lady was trying to say, but had not told her anything about it in order not to influence her communication with Lady)

�It�s connected with it � everything is, since that�s the beginning of everything.

To Francie: You�re trying to guess what�s in Lilo�s head. (F) Yes

Just accept what I�ve told you. Everything both of you get is valid. It may sound a bit different, but it often helps to see something from different viewpoints, or even to get two different ideas that must be amalgamated and used together.

(Q) Is there anything else you want Lilo to know? �Look beyond the tumor, See me as a WHOLE BEING����and��.. I would really love a cookie�

(Q) A �mushy� one?
�That�s better than nothing.

Lilo Garich




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