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In Memory of Chrissie, below  and Danpo, left

ChrissieAfter reading the submission to Out & About concerning the Walden Animal Hospital I did some research and have found out that having your pet cremated here in Northern Ontario is not only an option now, it's been one for at least the last 7 years.

I have had pets die during that time and have to admit that neither of the two veterinary clinics involved mentioned this service to me either. My dogs are buried, somewhere.

I have learned that there is a company in New Liskeard that actually handles the process. I have called them and they have asked that I do not publish their information here. They are able to work only through veterinarians.

What I can tell you is this, you need to ask your Vet about the service! It's available to anyone who would like to use it. I find it distressing that more veterinarians are not offering this service loud and clear. So we are here to tell you about it loud and clear.

Pet cremation has a number of options.

You may have your pet cremated and the ashes spread in a field along with other pets by the company doing the work. (It's is owned by a group of Vets and the man I spoke to there seemed very kind and thoughtful about the work they do). You may also choose to have a private cremation done, the chamber used will be cleaned out prior to your pet being cremated and the remains will be returned to you in your choice of urns. They have explained that there is a very precise and careful paper trail so that you need never worry about the handling of your pet's remains. I understand the wooden urns are all hand made by a Northern Ontario craftsman who is said to take great pride in his work for this use. The entire process takes from 2-4 weeks. Your pet will be held by your veterinary clinic until pick up and return by the cremation company.

I have checked and found that the entire process, euthanasia and private cremation is around the $400.00-500.00 mark. Euthanasia and group cremation is about half that. A little enough expense to ensure that years of loyal love and companionship are not rewarded by a trip to the dump.

The Walden Animal Hospital has my thanks too for helping me make this option known for dealing with one of life's more unpleasant jobs. They can be reached at . Tell them I sent you with my appreciation.

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