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Pet Cremation at the Walden Animal Hospital

A few days ago I had to have my little dog, a friend of over 16 years, put to death. She had reached the point where old age had just overrun her. There really was no place else to go.

I live in the City of Greater Sudbury and know that the city of Sudbury's disposal for pets is barbaric to say the least. The animals are simply dumped in a land fill with the other "garbage". Charming. I have heard it's illegal to bury a pet on your own property or anywhere else. It all seemed too horrible to consider.

I called the Walden Animal Clinic in Lively and asked them about possible options. I know other vets have told me they would "dispose" of my pet for me, but when questioned that disposal process generally turned out to be the city's method.

At Walden I was informed that they could provide a cremation service and that my pet could even be returned to me in my choice of permanent containers.

We were taken into a softly lit and private sitting room, I was given time to say my goodbyes. The staff was kindness personified, gentle and considerate in their dealing with us. My little dog's brother was present, we all sat together on the floor, pets and people, and I held her in a blanket while she relaxed and passed away in my arms. I was offered additional time to sit in privacy with her.

The entire process was as slow and gentle and peaceful and understanding as possible. I have been in this situation before, but never before have I found such comfort from the people involved in the procedure.

I want to thank the Walden Animal Clinic, Dr. Sherry Ahluwalia, Jennifer Kuska, and Amber Parker especially, for all their help and concern that day. You made a very painful decision one that I was able to feel "right" about. You made a dreadful process easier.

You helped more than you can know.

Thank you!





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