Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


Spirituality and Self Help

The Craft Haven
Pagan based spirituality

Hanusia Tkaczyk is a therapist, dancer, and dreamer from Northwestern Ontario

Love's Open House
Caroline asks What Would Love Do?

Light and Love with Lilo Garich 
The Diary of a Journey

Various submitted articles
Medicine wheels, meditations, crystals, dream journals, witches, the pillars of Islam, invocations, more

This section has been created out of a huge demand for such material that never stops coming in.

People are searching for "enlightenment", happiness and contentment, with a sure sense of deservedness like never before in history.

And more and more seem to be finding it!

People were once happy with a good job, good health, enough money to support their lives and families. Today we still want all of that, but we also want a great deal More.

We want to obtain all these things along with a sense of something bigger in our lives, a purpose for being here that surpasses our own lives, our families or our careers.

A wave of Spiritual Awakening is sweeping the world! Who are we to ignore it?

We hope you find what you are looking for. does not endorse or support any one particular "path" or group, or any set of religious beliefs over another.



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