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Driving in Northern Ontario


A valid driver's license from any country is good here for 3 months. You should bring your vehicle registration forms and a free Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Card from your insurance agent, or a copy of the policy itself. Minimum liability insurance in Ontario is $200,000. If you're driving someone else's car get a letter of permission signed by the owner. If you're driving a rented car bring a copy of your rental agreement.

Speed Limits

On multi-lane controlled access highways the normal speed limits are from 90-100 km/hour (55-62 mph), on two-lane highways it's 80-90 km/hour (50-55 mph), and in urban or other populated areas it can run from 40, 50, to 60 km/hour (25,30,37 mph) or as posted.

In many towns or cities the speed limit is 50 km/hour (30 mph) unless posted otherwise.


The OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) are responsible for highways, and other areas like the lakes and waterways, that are not serviced by municipal police forces. If you are involved in an accident you must notify the police and remain at the scene until cleared to leave by the investigating officers. First aid stations are found along highways and are clearly posted. Highway and driving conditions are available all year round from the Ministry of Transportation's regional toll-free numbers. You can find these numbers listed on the Ontario Official Road Map. You may also call for additional information.


Ontario law requires that adults and children over 40 lbs must wear seat belts. Infants and children to 20 lbs must travel in a rear facing child restraint system. Children from 20 to 40 lbs must travel in a front facing child restraint seat. Children over 40 lbs can use either a booster seat or a regular lap seat belt.

Windshields and side-front windows must allow a clear view of the vehicle's interior. Studded tires are forbidden on our highways.

Radar Warning Devices

The use or transport of radar detection devices is illegal. Our police are likely to confiscate such devices and fine you as well.

Rental Automobiles

Rental cars are available at our international airports and in most towns and cites. The minimum age varies from 21 to 25 and most companies will require a credit card to rent a vehicle.


All information on this web site was accurate at the time of writing. Laws change. The information contained here is meant only to be a casual introduction to the laws and requirements to enter Canada and should not be considered the final word in accuracy. Please call one of the following governmental agencies for additional information before trying to enter the country.



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