Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario



Noelville Tent and Trailer Park in the French River area of Ontario


The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Alban Ontario - in Ontario's Rainbow Country

The present day village of Alban Ontario was originally known as Rutter, after the railway station built in 1907. Later it was renamed after a local minister the Rev, Alban Filiatrault.

While the area was important as a "highway" west for centuries, the area was not settled until the railway brought people into the area for logging.

Timber cutting, logging and lumber mills sprang up in the area in 1873 after the fire of Chicago in 1871. Logs could be floated the French River and the Wahnipitae Rivers on their way south. The industry did well until the 1930's. Today the town of Alban and the surrounding French River area depend much on tourism.



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