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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Cochrane Ontario - James Bay Frontier

The community of Cochrane is located in the heart of the Great Claybelt of Northeastern Ontario. The area has much to offer the traveler looking to experience nature. The four seasons offer their own distinct activities and natural beauty, from the vast expanses of unblemished snow to the full grown beauty of the summer months.
With the many rivers, lakes, forests and clean air, the area is a haven to those needing to get away from it all. 
Cochrane offers many year round and seasonal activities. Some people have trouble imagining there are places in Ontario unreachable by road, however, their views change when they experience the land on board the Polar Bear Express. For more than 30 years, this train has carried hundreds of thousands of riders from all over to the edge of the Arctic. The Polar Bear Express makes the 186 mile passage every summer across the James Bay lowlands to the tiny communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory.
Greenwater Provincial Park is home to several lakes that are stocked with lake and rainbow trout. Other lakes and streams in the park offer the possibility of catching northern pike, pickerel or perch. Greenwater is a canoeist haven and the park offers many interesting and different-leveled hiking trails. 
Cochrane and its surrounding area can always be counted on to provide plenty of snow for winter activities. By early December snowmobiling conditions are world class, with snow packed trails that will provide superb riding conditions right through to April. Snowmobile contributes greatly to the estimated 30,000 people who travel into Cochrane every year. 
The area is famous for its trophy moose. Traditionally this area produces the hunting adventure of a lifetime. Good ruffed grouse or "partridge" hunting can also be found throughout many places in the Cochrane area 
Cochrane � the playground of the North. 



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