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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Earlton Ontario- James Bay Frontier

Earlton is a small town on Highway 11 at the mouth of the Ottawa River and is situated between Englehart and New Liskeard. 

Nestled in the midst of prosperous dairy farms, Earlton is home to the annual Earlton Steam Show, the Temiskaming Wildlife Centre and the Hilliardton Marsh is close by.

The Temiskaming Wildlife Centre in Earlton has replaced the Earlton Zoo. They are a wildlife rehabilitation facility for orphaned and injured northern Ontario wildlife. There is also a large variety of wildlife that is native to the area for the public to view.

The Earlton Steam and Antique Show draws exhibitors and visitors from around the province. In existence for over a quarter of a century, this is an annual display of antique cars, farm equipment and machines. The show is held on the third weekend in July.

The Hilliardton Marsh is inhabited by over 600 species of waterfowl, songbirds, mammals, fish and plant life. This area is a popular one for migrating waterfowl. The marsh has a boardwalk and makes an ideal spot for bird watching or for a casual stroll. Over 23 duck species of duck have been sighted.

Spend an hour or spend a day, Earlton will make it your while.



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