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Foleyet - James Bay Frontier

Foleyet is located west of the city of Timmins on Highway 101. The drive is done in what is virtually a cut out in the northern forest. Caution should be exercised when driving up north due to the many sightings of bear, wolves and moose along the highway. 

Prior to the twentieth century, Foleyet had been an island and many anecdotes are told concerning the creation of the area and the town. One story has it that during an intense feud between loggers and clearers, an esker (the long, narrow ridge of coarse gravel deposited by a stream flowing in or under a decaying glacial ice sheet) was dynamited. This caused the nearby lake to empty to dangerously low levels and to this day, the lake has never returned to its normal levels. 

Another story about the birth of Foleyet involves The Foley Brothers (pioneer contractors) who wanted to name the town after themselves, but there had already been a town named Foley. The Brothers got upset and said,� We�ll name this place Foley yet!" The term "Foley yet" stuck!

One thing that the community of Foleyet is renowned for is having a white moose living in its vicinity! Often mistaken as an example of an albino strain, this Foleyet citizen sports many brown spots in its fur as well as lacking the red eyes that albino are known for having. In 1998, one of these white moose was struck on the railroad tracks just outside of Foleyet. As a tribute of the rare species, the head was mounted and placed in the Northern Lights Restaurant. Many tourists have come to see the head of the moose. 

Foleyet, like so many small northern towns has had its share of destruction by fire and by flood.
11 kilometers from Foleyet is the beautiful Ivanhoe Lake ideal for campers, boaters, or for those who want to get away from it all for a day. 

The Red Pine Lodge is an ideal family vacation center offering lovely white sandy beaches and completely furnished modern cottages. Let their experienced outfitters, guides and staff provide you with friendly hospitality and the unforgettable opportunity to fulfill your dreams of big game hunting.

The Air Ivanhoe and The Ivanhoe River Inn, also situated on Lake Ivanhoe, boast the best in best in Fly-In Fishing on remote Northern Ontario lakes and is a full service lodge. The Inn offers you lakeside dining in their fine restaurant or on the log crafted deck, an outfitting store, shower and washroom facilities, a licensed guest lounge, and a great nights rest prior to your fly-in or boat-in vacation. Services include easy access to boats and motors, canoes, guide services, one day fly-ins, and scenic tours on board their Beaver aircraft. At many of their cabins and camps you are the only party on the lake 

Foleyet - discover the land as it was meant to be discovered.

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