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Noelville Tent and Trailer Park in the French River area of Ontario


The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
The French River area Ontario - in Ontario's Rainbow Country

Canoe Manned by Voyageurs Passing a Waterfall.
Frances Anne Hoptkins, artist, 1869.
(Courtesy of National Archives of Canada)

The French River area of Ontario includes the settlements Alban, French River Station, Ouellette, and Monetville and is an area rich in history and large on beauty.

Beginning in 1615, the French River was a vital transportation route for the French explorers and fur traders. Because of its historic significance, the 100-kilometre-long waterway has been designated as a Canadian Heritage River. The Ojibwa named it the French River because it became associated with the French explorers and missionaries.

Explorers who followed this route included �tienne Br�l�, Samuel de Champlain, Pierre-Esprit Radisson, Simon Fraser, Alexander Mackenzie, and David Thompson.

Today, it is a popular recreational area for canoeists, boaters, hikers, and anglers.

The river flows from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay,
about 60 kilometres south of Sudbury, and some of Ontario's most popular game fish swim here. Walleye, muskie, sunfish, northern pike, large and smallmouth bass, sturgeon, perch, rock bass, whitefish, and even some lake trout.

You'll find golf courses, resorts, camps, tenting areas, and miles of scenic rolling farm land to drive through. The villages are small, but can supply you with the basics for a great holiday retreat.

Property in the French River area is rapidly rising in value these days as more and more southerners are discovery the wild beauty and endless variety in flora and fauna in a region so easy to get to.




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