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Trilliums in Northern Ontario
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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Geraldton - North of Superior

Geraldton lies 160 km northeast of Nipigon at the junctions of Hwy 11 and 584. The centre of the Greenstone Region, Geraldton is located on the shores of Kenogamisis Lake.
Gold mining was important in Geralton's early days with eleven gold mines operating from 1934 - 1952. Mineral exploration continues with much gold in reserve. Today, Geraldton is a regional service centre and home to the area's forestry workforce.
Wild Goose Lake provides a great northern experience with all its beauty, tranquility and adventure. Nature graciously provides beautiful surroundings for leisurely walks or vigorous hiking expeditions. Rock hounding opportunities abound in the historic gold mining area. 
A camera is a must on these excursions because of the frequency of eagle, osprey, blue heron, moose, bear, or timber wolf sightings. 
Wild Goose Lake offers over 500 feet of beautiful sand beach and sparkling clean water. It is definitely a great place for the family to play or just relax and enjoy the water lapping on the shore and melt the stress and worries of city life away. 
Geraldton boasts an excellent golf course. Tourists can participate in the Kenogamisis Catch and Release Fish Derby held every Canada Day weekend. This event is followed by the Annual Geraldton Music Jamboree (August civic holiday weekend) and the popular Geraldton District Fall Fair on the 3rd weekend of August.

Geraldton - where time, training, effort and willingness is transforming it into a town of heritage and opportunity.

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