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Gogama - James Bay Frontier

Located just over the half way mark between Sudbury and Timmins on Highway 144 North, is one of Canada�s best kept secrets. Situated on Lake Misinakwa, Gogama is home to roughly 700 - 800 people. Of course, this number increases drastically during the peak tourist seasons. 

Gogama (Ojibway for �jumping fish�) has a long history as an Aboriginal trading route and at one time was a Hudson Bay post. With the oncoming of the railroad, the settlement had its official birth in the 1920s. The logging, fur trade and mining industries experienced a growth in the area. In the early 1950�s a major fire destroyed the local sawmills and the local mines were capped. Many people left the area but the community survived by servicing many nearby communities. 

Surrounded by forests and lakes, Gogama offers world-class hunting and fishing including fly-in services. There is also access to beautiful canoe routes.

The town is restoring the Hudson Bay Company building into an area museum and is continuing their development of the waterfront and beach site. 

Come to Gogama, the land of the jumping fish, and get the personalized service you�re looking for during your vacation.

Editors Note: Gogama is also about the only stop along the way between the Sudbury Region and Timmins Ontario. It certainly is the best! You will find motels, gas and a restaurant available for your convenience.

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