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Come to shop or come to play, you may find you've come to stay! TM


But see what is said about the ROADS in the City of Greater Sudbury. It's Not pretty!

The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Greater Sudbury Ontario - Rainbow Country

Downtown Sudbury OntarioSudbury Ontario... a city in transition.

Sudbury Ontario is that old clich´┐Ż, an enigma wrapped in a mystery and surrounded by a puzzle. A traditional northern blue collar mining town that often seems like it wants to roll up the sidewalks at dusk, keep strangers away, and it's people in church on Sundays. Yet, our city is filled with tourists, festivals, coffee shops, jazz music, pubs, poets, artists, musicians, thriving out-in-the-open gay, goth, and pagan communities, and more amazing volunteers ready to get involved with just about anything than any other community in this country!

If you find yourself quickly driving through Sudbury on our main throughways you may find yourself wondering why anyone would ever want to live here. But stay a few days and you may find it hard to ever live anywhere else!

Sudbury Ontario, a study in contrasts

We're a city whose main roads can easily be called, and often are, ugly and depressing, but get off the main roads and you will find so many parks and flowers and trees and lakes within our boundaries that it amazes.

We're a city that leads the world in mining technologies and services and have too often in the past used that same leadership to rain devastation on our environment. We also have planted millions of trees and our re-greening is attracting world wide attention and admiration.

We have a growing number of tree huggers and vegetarians running around making much noise and taking many efforts in connection with the environment and re-greening and conservation. But it's often our hunters and fishermen who lead those movements. Hunters who have helped hunt species like Elk into extinction in our area are now working long hours year after year to re-introduce and keep track of the numerous Elk in our region. And, they continue to work hard to protect them.

We will tell you that mining rules the economy here, yet our number one employer is Education.

We still think of ourselves as a blue collar union town and will shake our heads at "artsy fartsy" things and yet find that our concentration of amazingly talented artists of all kinds is staggering! Art organizations are tripping over themselves, artists are everywhere, our musicians will transport you, independent film makers are abundant, and festivals happen so often and regular you may find yourself having to choose from two or three on any given weekend.

We are a city in transition. A city working hard to become something other than what it is perceived to be. A city of people with vision, courage and SUV loads of style. A city whose citizens work long hard hours of their own time to make a better future for our population and Northern Ontario as a whole. In medicine, education, the arts, technology, cultural diversity, human rights, ecology and the environment we are always looking for better ways and are willing to work for better days ahead.

Sudbury Ontario, come to shop or come to play, you may find you've come to stay! TM




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