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Kapuskasing  - James Bay Frontier

A Little Town with a Big Heart

I�ve spent many hours in Kapuskasing in fierce competition against many fine Northern Ontario bridge players. I�d like to say I walked away a winner but Mom always said to be graceful in defeat and to never lie! The tournament organizers reflect what I believe to be the spirit of Kapuskasing: rugged determination, fierce pride and loyalty. 

When, in 1991, Kimberly-Clark announced its intention of pulling out of Kapuskasing, the residents issued a rallying cry that was heard in Ottawa and Toronto. With careful planning and personal sacrifice, employees and residents came up with more than $17 million to be used towards saving the mill. Now, more than ten years later, the mill has been steadily reinvesting in the community and the community has continued to support Spruce Falls Inc. 

Kapuskasing has a humble beginning: the first residents were not railroad people, lumberjacks or farmers � they were prisoners. In 1914, the government wanted to establish an experimental farm testing crops in adverse conditions. In 1917, these prisoners were paroled and the settlement became a prisoner of war camp. A memorial marking the site of the camp stands as a reminder just west of town.

The Circle is important to Kapuskasing. When the town was being planned, the plans started out with a Circle. The Circle is a popular meeting place with shops ringing the perimeter and where a fountain and benches have been placed inviting people to sit and watch and take in the sun�s warmth. 

Yes, summer does come to Kapuskasing. So does winter. Don�t expect to find crowded beaches or overrun snowmobile trails. With such a big backyard, Kapuskasing can offer you a remote private beach or an unspoiled snowmobile tract. 

Oh yes, the people of Kapuskasing play bridge the way they saved their town!

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