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Kenora in Sunset Country

Kenora is located approximately 200 Km east of Winnipeg on Hwy 17. Because of the forest and the neighbouring Lake of the Woods, Kenora had its start as a stop in the transportation of lumber to local sawmills. This community cannot escape the influence of the nearby lake and there is no reason why it should as the area attracts visitors by the thousands to its scenic landscapes and diverse attractions.

Throughout the year, Kenora is host to a multitude of events. Some of these included the North American First Nations Festival of Culture and Sport; LOWISA an annual international sailing regatta, traditional First Nations Powwows, Kenora Bass International, and the Canadian Masters Rowing Regatta. This little town uses its waterfront well using it as a backdrop to concerts and live theater.

A great way to spend the day is by renting a boat and exploring the area by water. If you prefer walking, spend some time in the Rushing River National Park.

Kenora � your gateway to the West.

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