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Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario



The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Longlac - North of Superior

Longlac was established as a Northwest Company Trading Post in the early 1800s. It became a regional forestry centre in 1948 and has since grown into an industrial centre. Situated on Hwy 11, Longlac is approximately 300 Km north of Thunder Bay.

The first inhabitants of the area were the Ojibway and the Cree. The voyageurs traveled the area to practice their fur trade with the Indians, where the forest was rich in resources.

Like so many of the northern Ontario communities, Longlac´┐Żs economy is based on the forest/wood industry but tourism and recreation have contributed greatly to the local economy.

Longlac has access to many outfitters, wilderness camps and lodges. The outdoorsman is assured of a holiday that he will relive for years to come.

In the winter, enjoy some of the 50 km. of groomed cross-country ski trails or ride on the 4,000 kilometers of snowmobile trails offered in the region.

When in Longlac be sure to stop by Lydia Lake Lodge and examine the log buildings built entirely using basic tools and equipment.

Longlac - the Gateway of Northwestern Ontario.


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