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Manitouwadge - North of Superior

Manitouwadge, like so many of Northern Ontario �s communities, is laden with Ojibway folklore. Meaning �Cave/Lodge of the Great Spirit�, visitors are taken in by this scenic little community of about 4,000 souls.

Located halfway between Thunder Bay and , Manitouwadge lies 54 km north of Hwy 17 on Hwy 614. Manitouwadge contains the largest gold find in Canada and the logging industry is still very strong.
One legend has it that Manitou, on a canoe trip, saw a Canada Goose flying overhead. Being hungry, he shot it with his bow and arrow. After being well fed, Manitou decided to build his lodge here and to recreate the land.

Another legend has a young brave after a year of drought where lake levels had dramatically been lowered.

Exploring the area, this young brave came upon a strange entrance. Shouting, he was frightened by hearing the echo of his voice and returned to his tribe declaring that he had discovered Manitou�s wadge. This legend explains the discovery of many of the mines in the area.

Three prospectors were instrumental in the development of the area. Their partnership was established by a handshake and today, residents still believe in the binds of the handshake.

Manitouwadge experienced the ups and downs of the mining and forestry industries and with the discovery of the Hemlo Gold fields, it once again is experiencing steady growth.

Manitouwadge � the handshake community.


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