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Marathon - North of Superior

Marathon, primarily a pulp/paper and mining community is located along the Trans Canada Highway halfway between Thunder Bay and Sault St. Marie on the north shore of the world's largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior. Due to its relative isolation, Marathon was formerly the site of a POW camp at Angler Creek and Ney Provincial Park during the World Wars.

For more the 40 years, Marathon remained a single industry town. The development of the nearby Hemlo Gold Mines in the early 1980's, the largest producer of gold in Canada, nearly doubled the population of Marathon.
Somewhat secluded on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Marathon boasts huge tracts of pristine wilderness. Pukaskwa National Park is a fifteen minute drive to the east of Marathon, and Neys Provincial Park is situated slightly further to the west. Marathon rests on a large rocky peninsula which juts out into Lake Superior. Small bays and coves afford it some protection from the lake. The surrounding hinterland is primarily crown land offering huge tracts of natural areas.

Marathon offers something for every season with many exciting and adventurous opportunities including: scenic white water kayaking and canoeing, first rate recreational facilities including alpine and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, golfing, and fishing, local boat access to Lake Superior, unique and fascinating geological forms, including the famous Hemlo Gold Mines; and many spectacular, secluded spots to hike. To top this off, Marathon is the future site of an exciting new project, the Carden Cove Waterfront Development and Recreation Area. 

Winter is this town�s busiest and most exciting season. From hundreds of kilometers of groomed snowmobile trails as part of the TOPS trail system to national standard cross country ski trails, to the finest alpine ski facility in Northwestern Ontario, Marathon really lets you "Go for the snow!" 

Thousands of visitors flock to the north shore during the summer to experience the awesome power and beauty of Lake Superior, vast areas of untouched wilderness, breathtaking scenes of land and water, and some great northern culture and hospitality. 

Marathon - one town, many experiences. 

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