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Marten River - in Ontario's Near North

The Marten River area is located some 45 kilometers south of Temagami. A variety of activities and services are offered including camping facilities, children�s programs, guided tours and exhibits.

Summer hiking trails winding through the majestic forest become cross country trails in the winter. Visit the authentic old Logging Camp within Marten River Park. Explore at your leisure or participate in the Park�s annual logging days in July. 

Fishermen are drawn to the lakes by Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Perch, Whitefish and Trout. Volunteers operate a local Fish Stocking program, ensuring the future of the fish population.

Hunters come from all over to the Marten River area. Resort operators and outfitters guarantee to do their utmost to provide all the required necessities.

Go on a quiet hike through the Provincial Crown Game Preserve (over 55,000 hectares of unspoiled wilderness) or hike through the network of back country trails. Moose and wildlife abound. Maybe you�ll spot that rare bird you�ve been patiently waiting for.

There�s a host of accommodations to choose from. Some people prefer to stay at one of the motels while others stay at comfortable resort or lodge cottages. Restaurants, gift shops and groceries, gas, licenses post office, bait and tackle, hunting and fishing guides are among the many small businesses that help make Marten River a one-stop destination.

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