Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario



Noelville Tent and Trailer Park in the French River area of Ontario


The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Noelville Ontario - in Ontario's Rainbow Country

No�lville was settled around 1900.

No�lville is the main town in the French River area and has the most shopping choices. You'll find agriculture, forestry, and tourism nearby and as a result it is considered the "economic heart" of the area.

The local Beer Store is located here, as is a golf course, driving range, restaurants, many resorts and local camps, and the Noelville Tent and Trailer Park.

Nearby you can take boat tours of the French River, and learn the fascinating history of the area. Tall tales abound here of quirky settlers doing unusual things. The story of the fellow who harnessed two men to pull logs because they were cheaper than keeping horses is just the beginning! Noelville may not be a hopping night spot, but if you're looking for quiet, adventure, and scenery to die for... well, look no further, you're there.



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