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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Pickle Lake in Sunset Country

Pickle Lake owes its beginnings to the discovery of gold in 1929 at Central Patricia and at Pickle Crow along the Crow River. Six years later, the town was booming with two mines in production and quite a few other businesses started to flourish. Even a soft drink bottling plant was established in the area around 1940.

Today, both Central Patricia and Pickle Crow have disappeared but Pickle Lake still thrives.

This community holds the distinction of being the northernmost community that is year round accessible by road.  With many thousands of kilometers of rivers and lakes waiting to be explored, Pickle Lake is �the last frontier�.

Pickle Lake offers the opportunity to view the boreal forest that has remained untouched for centuries. Lakes abound and so do the fish. The walleye is the most sought after catch.  Moose hunting is also another attraction in an area where the hunter might be the first person ever to wander in the region.
Pickle Lake - Ontario 's Last Frontier.

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