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Rainy River in Sunset Country

Rainy River, the southern gate to the Lake of the Woods , is a beautiful little community that is surrounded by lakes, rivers, woodlands and wildlife. Located on the Ontario-Minnesota border, the area attracts travelers from both sides of the border. 

It is said that Toronto�s Yonge Street is the world�s longest street: and that Rainy River is where it ends.

The area is a mixture of agricultural land with woodland forest. Throw in the nearby Lake of the Woods and you get something for everybody. The hunter and the angler are never disappointed. The river itself was the primary means of transportation for many many years.

Sable Island, just 18 Km northwest of town is a recognized Bird Sanctuary. This bird haven is home to the endangered piping plovers. Due to geographical differences in the area, the region of Rainy River offers natural habitats to breeding and migratory birds.

Every September, the Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Live Release Walleye Tournament, attracting American as well as Canadian anglers.

You can even rent a houseboat from one of the many outfitters in the area and discover the beauty of Lake of the Woods.

Rainy River � the end of Yonge Street.

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