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Red Lake in Sunset Country

Located about 170 km north of the Trans- Canada Highway on Hwy 105 Red Lake boasts a thriving tourism industry as well as two gold mines. Tourists are attracted to the area due to the great hunting and fishing experiences. Bordering the Woodlands Caribou Wilderness Park, local outfitters and operators offer first-class wilderness experiences.

Red Lake was the source of inspiration and the launching pad for one of Canada �s if not the world�s most important Aboriginal artists: Norval Morrisseau. Using the area�s scenic views and native rock paintings, Morrisseau reassembles the pieces of a once proud culture, not only as a recorded history of his people but also as a way that the rest of the world can understand and respect the Aboriginal culture.

According to Ojibwa legend, thousands of years ago two hunters came upon a very large moose beside a lake. They believed the beast was Matchee Manitou (an evil spirit) and tried to kill it. Wounded, the animal escaped by diving deep into the lake. A large pool of blood coloured the water red, and the hunters named the body of water Misque Sakigon, or Colour of Blood Lake. Over the years it became known as Red Lake.

Woodland Caribou Park, is home to the Bloodvein River, recently designated as part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System for its outstanding natural and cultural heritage values and recreational opportunities. The ancient, weathered landscape supports the largest woodland caribou herds south of the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Other wild animals and birds, such as moose, bears, beavers, bald eagles and owls, live in abundance in the park as well.

The Norseman Festival is a celebration of Red Lake �s Aviation Heritage. Come and join in the celebrations with a variety of events marking the area�s heritage and history.

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