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Trilliums in Northern Ontario
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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Sioux Lookout in Sunset Country

Once again native history puts its mark on modern day times. This little Northern Ontario community gets its name from a bloody battle between the Ojibwa and the Iroquois. The Ojibwa, trying to out-paddle the ferocious Sioux, made camp on top of a mountain where a look out was posted. The advancing war party was spotted, the women and children were brought safely to an island in the middle of the lake and the Ojibwa prepared an ambush. All of the marauders were killed with the exception of one Sioux boy. He was adopted into the tribe and later became one of the tribe�s greatest chiefs.

With an abundance of lakes, anglers will discover unparallel fishing, with walleyed pickerel, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout and muskellunge just waiting to be caught. Hunters take advantage of the wilderness for moose and small game hunting.  

Ojibwa Provincial Park is about 25 kilometers southwest of Sioux Lookout. There, you�ll discover Labrador tea, wild rice, and an extraordinary assortment of flora.  

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