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Trilliums in Northern Ontario
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The Towns and Cities of Northern Ontario
Sundridge - in Ontario's Near North

Located in Ontario�s Near North, this tiny community lies a short 3 hour drive north of Toronto. Its neighbour is the beautiful Algonquin Park and the area is the source of inspiration for many of the works of Canada �s Group of Seven.

The area was part of the transportation route used by the early northern settlers and loggers used the area lakes to transport their logs. The lakes are still important to Sundridge. In the beginning, these lakes meant survival for the logging industry and today their importance is now felt in the tourist industry.

Fishing, sailing, canoeing and camping are among the more popular summer activities. The area, in winter or summer, attracts artists and photographers from all over due to its scenic and natural beauty. Dog sledding is enjoying a rebirth as a popular winter activity. Many of the outfitters are able to organize mushing excursions.

Sundridge � source of inspiration and natural beauty.

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