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Vacationing Close to Home

Vacations right at home

So you've decided to stay right in your own home for this year's vacation. Cool... imagine this one....

  • The maid takes care of everything.
  • The phone never rings.
  • Long lazy afternoons lying under a tree, a tall glass of something cool by your side, book in hand.
  • Early morning fishing on mist filled lakes being serenaded by loons.
  • Meals served by charming people.
  • Evenings around a camp fire roasting marshmallows and singing songs.
  • Trying something new like horseback riding, photography, archery, or oil painting.
  • Attending a music festival.
  • Going canoeing.

It's all too easy!

First clean the house and yard a bit, pay the bills, buy lots of yummy foods, and take your list of "projects to do this summer" and bury it in the back yard.

Allow nothing normal or dull.


  • Call a maid service and have one in each day of your vacation for an hour. Much, much less than hotel costs with all the same benefits and luxury.
  • Turn the phone off! I do so every day around 4:00 pm and all weekend long. Trust me, you'll love it once the shock is over.
  • Your back yard is easy to get to, make it pleasant and get lazy. It's not great you say? Hummm, plant a few things, you might end up with a new hobby, or put in a pond, a small one can be had for less than 200.00. Still cheap compared to normal vacation costs and now available for your enjoyment all year round. Even the smallest back yard can be a source of "mini vacations" all summer long.
  • Buy a fire pit or old used fireplace and have fires in the back yard. As long as they are enclosed and tended you're probably fine. (check with local laws) Living in town means few mosquitoes, a great benefit of vacationing at home! And so much more fun than watching reruns on TV.
  • Early morning fishing on mist filled lakes... we do live in Northern Ontario, I don't even have to go into that one.
  • Eat out a lot. Every day. If money is tight make it breakfast. Sleep in late. For just a few dollars you can have breakfast out until 11:00 in most restaurants and still get their morning special prices. You'll not be eating lunch since you ate so late and now only have one meal to cook today. If that's out on the grill and you're using paper plates life just got easy.
  • Try new things.
    • Horseback riding is getting easier to find all the time.
    • Photographic clubs offer meetings, and help, and sometime courses.
    • Many rod and gun clubs or sportsmen's clubs have archery sections. Call one and ask.
    • Call a local artist or group and ask about lessons in drawing or painting.
    • Take dance lessons.
    • Visit astrology groups.
    • Join clubs that are hosting events.
    • Rent an ATV and ride the trails now open to quads in many places.
    • Rent a canoe.
    • Take a hike.
    • Explore shops in town you've never stopped at before.

The great part about this sort of thing is since you're doing it from home these services, clubs, and activities are available all year if you find you love them!

Don't hesitate to send us your suggestions to add to this list.







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