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Of her and her work...

"Her creativity is an example of unbridled insight"
-Will Morin, President of the Sudbury Arts Council




"Julie? She just so Nice!"

"There's an immediate emotional response"

"Not being an artist, I don't know how to describe her work, but I know I like it!"

"I am more of a Joseph Turner kind of art lover. This modern stuff, cubism and such, I really don't connect to much of it. After seeing Julie's work, I've found I must make an exception. Her work is amazing. I love it."

"Sister", Megan Demlow and Julie Glaude


Comment on this article which arrived by email just moments after it was online:
"Just read the section on Julie Glaude. She is indeed a very talented artist with a great deal of potential. And you do her justice with your review. Nicely done."

Arts and Recreation in Northern Ontario

Julie GlaudeJulie Glaude, Artist of "Unbridled Insight"

The first thing that strikes you about Julie Glaude is her endless capacity to enjoy herself. Vivacious, quick of mind, and excited about living her life, she's a bit of a ham and charms in a big way. Hang around a while and you'll uncover a serious young woman of many talents. Few of them she's able to keep hidden for long.

She's an artist of "unbridled insight" says Will Morin, a well known and respected artist in his own right and President of the Sudbury Arts Council. She's "authentic" and "exuberant" say people who have met her.

At a recent show of her widely eclectic work, one piece entitled Seven Years was sold within minutes of the first guests arriving. Four more offers over the course of the evening prove that was more than a chance occurrence. One man, who'd wanted it himself and missed, was heard to grumble about the piece, "It was vastly undervalued!" I hesitated to present a photo taken that night of Julie GlaudeSeven Years, because the photo is such a weak representation of this work. The piece is powerful, compelling, and layered. It's impact is first at an emotional "gut" level, it stops you from walking by and draws you in. Come closer, I have something to show you, it whispers. You're fascinated, a bit fearful, but go you will. As you near it, it does not disappoint. Faces emerge, shattered shards of bloody glass strike out, hidden depths peer back at you. It may surprise, it may dismay, but it will engage your mind, and lastly your heart. I watched the same response happen over and over to many people throughout the evening. In the end a smile slowly spreads across your face. And then you want it too.

Julie GlaudeJulie Glaude is as much of a Northern Girl as it gets. Born in Sudbury, raised in Azilda and Timmins, she is also a part time resident of Little Current where her parents own a resort.  Julie says she's been interested in art since grade seven, when her teacher, who had been a full time artist, was quick to encourage her efforts in that direction. She's never looked back. Today she is in her last year of the Advanced Fine Arts and Crafts program at Cambrian College and hopes to head to Montreal in the fall to attend Dawson College, a school she says she has chosen because of the wide range of subjects they offer in their three year Professional Photography course. "I love working with light, like Yousef Karsh, my hero." And a photographer is what she intends to be. She wants to study it all. Photojournalism, media photography, fashion, portraiture, darkroom technique, digital photography. And everything else in between it seems. She says she intends to continue painting as well, but as more of a hobby, and simply because she must.

Julie Glaude- self portraitStraightforward and talented, she's overflowing with a generosity of spirit that shows in her both in her treatment of the people around her and in the work she produces. Down to earth she is. Flying above the clouds? Yeah, that too. We hope to present a selection of her photographic work within this site very soon. And come back here for updates on her career. You can be sure we'll be following it closely.




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