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Murielle Jaques - Belly Dance Instructor
Sudbury Ontario

Murielle started dancing under the tutelage of Lucie De La Fontaine of the National Baladi School - and rapidly advanced to become a much-loved member of Lucie's professional dance troupe. As a regular attendee at any event where I could watch belly dance I was always thrilled to see Murielle's name as a dancer. Her precision of movement, astounding isolation, and unique style quickly made her a favourite of spectators.

Murielle Jacques, Belly Dance Instuctor, Sudbury Ontario

After 5 years as a professional dancer Murielle was chosen and asked to teach her own courses at a local public institution. She hesitated; but persistent requests from the management, many belly dance enthusiasts wanting to learn from this outstanding dancer, and the encouragement of her instructor Lucie De La Fontaine all finally convinced Murielle to leave her teacher and move out into the belly dance world on her own.

Murielle’s happy successes as a belly dance instructor and a growing demand for her classes soon showed her it was time to open her own studio; M's Joy of Dance was born and she has never looked back.

Murielle is the kind of teacher that earns great loyalty and affection in her students, and her classes these days often have a waiting list.

As one of Murielles’ current students, I'm happy to report that her classes really are the joyful experience her dance studio's name would imply. The atmosphere is lively and chatty and friendships quickly form in the safe and friendly setting. However, don't let the relaxed feeling lead you to believe that the quality of teaching is somehow relaxed too. Murielle’s prodigious talent translates into sound, focused, and technically advanced dance classes at all levels of skill. You can attend classes just for the fun and health benefits of belly dance, but if you're interested in becoming a performance dancer Murielle has the ability to fine tune your movements to a degree that is new, and exciting, in my experience.

Murielle is a lady that is grateful for the successes life has sent her way (even though she clearly works hard to deserve them) and shows that gratitude in concrete practical ways. She is generous with her students with her time and resources and- as much as energy and time allow - gives back to the community by supporting charities and participating in numerous fund raising events. She says this allows her double benefit in the feeling that she is supporting her community and in making it possible to share the dance she had decicated her life to.

Visit her website M's Joy of Dance to learn more.

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