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Baladi Belly Dance, Roma Gypsy Dance, and Tribal Dance in the Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Personal Observations

Turning 50 is a wake up call for many of us. On my own 50th I decided if I was ever going to take a dance class, now might be a good time to start. Two days later I attended an Open House at Lucie De La Fontaine's dance studio in Sudbury Ontario and signed up.

I wanted to dance because I though it might be fun, but I got a fair bit more than I bargained for.

I lost weight, my posture improved, and my belly got flatter. I rebuilt muscle I'd lost long ago. Bu the best part was my confidence, sense of relaxation, stamina, and energy levels climbed to a long time high.

But it's more than that. Dance, this kind of dance, is a place where the total is far more than the sum of it's parts!

Physically these dances are marvelous.

Mentally, they challenge everything we've been taught growing up.

Belly dance is light, floating, and teaches a grace and fluidity of movement that I'd not experienced before even in a life filled with many physical pursuits. I was introduced to parts of my body that few of us have ever met before.

I cannot explain how, but you learn an acceptance of your body that is deep and rare for women in North American society. You learn it feels wonderful living in your own skin! And while you learn to accept your body "as is" and love it that way, it just keeps looking nicer and nicer anyway. *smiling*

You learn a sensuousness that many of us never find the courage to express. Yet somehow, while you're dancing, you're very much in your own "safe place". Belly dance feels contained, precise, gentle, and very much "yours". People may enjoy watching, but they seem to have little do with why we dance. I wish I had better words to describe what I mean, but while you may feel more confidently feminine than at any time in your life, this is NOT a "pole dance" on any level. It is possible to be wonderfully sensuous and very much a lady!


Gypsy dance is different. Many of the moves are the same or similar to those taught in various types of belly dance but the styles are dramatically different.

Gypsy dance is earthy, grounded, strong, primitive and at times "in your face" in attitude.

I have found belly dance to be the harder in perfecting the movements, but gypsy dance is for me very much the greater challenge on other levels. Physically gypsy has burned more calories and built more muscle. Mentally and emotionally it's pushed boundaries.

In gypsy you are taught to project your "energy" to the audience, to share of your own strength in a way I found difficult. In gypsy dance your walls are torn down, tossed aside, and you are encouraged to break out and stand tall!

Gypsy movements are bigger and stronger. And it's not enough to do them well, you must often do them with attitude and courage. Or learn to fake it as is the case for me. :D


A few months into these classes and I found myself thinking of all the self help books published each year, of all the depression and fear people sometimes live with, with the self esteem issues that plague our society, and of the health issues so many face.....

I found myself reflecting on what taking two simple dance classes a week had offered me......

And I found that I wanted to run out and tell all my friends, and anyone looking sad, that they ought to sign up for dance class asap.

Lose weight, build confidence, shake off depression and do it all in a place of safety and acceptance with groups of friendly people, and an amazing teacher, that allow you to be who you are, who you truly are, for perhaps the first time in your life.

I signed up to "dance for fun" and learned that now I "Dance for Life."

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